Thursday, July 7, 2011

Twinkle Twinkle

Sorry I haven't updated in a while guys! Everything has been so hectic lately and time just ran away from me. I'll be catching up (hopefully today or tomorrow), but until then, here's a little something.

Okay, so I just got my copy of Inkle Weaving by Helene Bress in the mail yesterday, and I'm so excited! I feel a little spoiled getting it, but if that's what it takes to make me feel spoiled, I don't think Etienne has much to worry about. Hehe.

So, since I haven't updated in a while, I figured I'd share a little poem that is in the book. I love it, and I so want to weave this into a wall tapestry or something. <3

Inkle, inkle, little band
How I wonder in what land
Someone first did you create
And your name originate.

Your illusive history
Seems to shroud in mystery
Place and time and even spelling
But this question's most compelling:

Why am I so fascinated
By your patterns complicated?
By what force are modern hands
Charmed with making ancient bands?

Wound on pegs with loops of string,
Threads become a useful thing,
Either plain or fancy bordered
Formed by the way the threads are ordered.

Now I wonder, having started,
How from this can I be parted?
For I'd gladly weave away,
Inkle, inkle all the day.

~Doramay Keasbey

I love it!!! I totally have some planning to do if that's going to be hanging on my wall someday.

Until next time (which is hopefully soon),
Bless your face

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