Monday, July 11, 2011

Mmmm, Fiber-y Goodness And Other Delicious Projects

Hey everyone! What an amazing weekend! For those of you who don't know, this past saturday (July 9) was A Day in the Park, and it was AWESOME! I could have done without the 2 hour drive there and back, but it was well worth the trip! Classes were attended, friends were made, and good food was had. What more could a guy ask for!?

Well, first off let my gawk about the classes (formal and informal) that I took! First was learning how to spin wool on a drop spindle by Mistress Lydia. It was sooooo much fun! My only regret is that I didn't take a picture of the first yarn I spun. Oh well......... There will be more, and I hope it will be just as fun! I also watcher Mistress Lydia spin on a wheel. I didn't actually try it myself this time, but I got the concept and the theoretical motions down. All that I need to develop now is the muscle memory and technique!

Next was the lampwork bead class! Yes, I took another one and had just as much fun. ^_^ That's always a good sign. I have learned that I like the thicker mandrils for making beads on. They're just so much easier for me to turn. The thinner ones take waaaaay too much concentration for me right now. A funny thing I've noticed though, bead release has a really bad habit of not releasing my beads. I think it should be re-named. Just sayin'. Once they finish soaking so I can get them off the mandrils, I'll take pictures of them. I made three this time. One of them has this AWESOME metallic black glass. Two words; LOVE IT! 

I also took some time later on in the day to learn some viking wire weaving from Lady Serena. It was so cool! You think I'd realize the things you could make with loops, but somehow this snuck up on me! 

Now, you might be wondering what Etienne was doing this whole time. Well, fret not, I shall answer your question, you inquisitive grasshopper, you. He made a basket! It's so freaking cool!! It's most likely going to be used to store my weaving yarn, which I am totally okay with. I mean, come on, awesome basket, for my yarn, uh.......duh! I'd be stupid not to jump on that like white on me. 

Then there was the food.........*drifts off, drooling* Oh the food was so delicious! Egill Gullbjarnarson was kind enough to open up his home to host the BBQ/Potluck extravaganza! BBQ pig, various fruits and veggies and salads, and who can forget the desserts? I still want more pie <_<. Just sayin'. 

Oh!! I almost forgot! I learned how to use a marudai! It was so freaking cool!!! The ease and flow of using this device compared to the foam disk is night and day! I was able to make a lanyard on the marudai in about 1/3 of the time it  would have taken me on the foam disk. I am a convert, and I will get one now.

All in all, I had so much fun. I met a lot of people and got to know others much more. I wouldn't have traded the experiences I had this Saturday for anything. It was perfection.

Edit: Holy crap! How did I even forget that I had a display!? I displayed 7 of my woven pieces. 3 belts, 3 pieces of trip and 1 brocaded bookmark. I feel sooo silly for not remembering to put that in. >_< Quitting smoking has really made my short-term memory get messed up. Also, I got my second commission there! YAY!!

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