Friday, December 16, 2011

WIP Friday? True Story!

Well......this is technically supposed to be FO Friday, but since I haven't actually finished anything, I might as well show the two new projects I started. ^_^;; I like having a variety of projects going so that I always have something to work on, no matter what mood I'm in. Do I want to make a shawl? No problem! Bag? Can do! Blanket? Sure thing! Even though it might be a bit maddening at times, it really does help when I get bored with a project. So, on to my latest projects.

As I mentioned in my last post, I was going to start working on the Sharktooth Shawl by Stephen West. It just so happens to be the first shawl for this shawl club (still writing up a post for that)! I love this thing. The only problem that's really stopped me from working on it more than I have is that I don't have the pattern printed out yet, and knitting at my computer makes my back hurt. :/  So, here's the first half of section 1 completed!

Note: I have all of section 1 finished, I'm just too lazy to take a picture of it right now. Just sayin'.

The first "teeth" have just been completed. Love how the yarn looks

Here's a better picture of the colors in the yarn.

Now for something a bit unusual for me. I started a crochet project last night on a whim. My dear husband (DH) has been asking for almost a year now, for me to crochet him a blanket. Up to date, I've started and frogged 4 different blankets for him. Reasons varied from project to project, like bad tension, gauge different from piece to piece, not knowing what I'm doing, ect. The list goes on and on. I think I finally figured out what the problem was. I didn't have a pattern.

It's so simple, but I've realized something about myself. If I do not have a pattern for a project, then I won't work on it. Weird, I know, but true. Hopefully I'll finally be able to make the DH happy finish a nice crochet project!

I'm using 3 different color for the Afghan. The two darker ones don't quite contrast enough for my liking, but I've gotten this far, and I'm not going back now.

Now, you might be wondering to yourself, "Self, isn't that just one big granny square?" The answer would be yet. 100% yes. Well, at least for now. I'm not sure how large I'm going to make this beast until I start another one. I'm planning on having between 4-6 of these monster squares completed and seamed together to create the blanket. Simple, but effective.

Also, it eliminates all the gauge issues I was having the the regular sized granny square afghan I was trying to create. It also didn't help that the thought of seaming together 180-200 granny squares gave me the chills. Much easier this way.

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