Friday, December 2, 2011

FO Friday: Shawl Edition

Okay, so I've been super busy with my shawl knitting could say I've been a little obsessed enthusiastic about it! I can count 5 shawls (one of which got eaten, so no pics. T_T ) that I've finished since my last update. I've pretty much been hyper focused on making these darn things! I have found a designer that I love! His name is Stephen West and I think what I love about his designs is that men can wear them! It's so hard to find patterns and projects that myself, or Richard can get use out of.

Of course there are always mittens, scarfs and hats.......but those are soooooo booooring!! I need intricate stitches to keep me engaged and focused on the project at hand! That's just what Stephens designs do for me! Here are 4 of my FOs to keep your appetites wet for next week! Keep in mind some of these aren't pictures of the blocked item, so they'll be smaller and less polished. Once I have pictures of the blocked items, I'll post those on a future FO Friday.

This is my Herbavore. It has panels of twisted stitch ribbing to create a beautiful  affect.
Closeup of the ribbing section
A closeup of the different types of stitches on my Blue Whale shawl.
Stockinette, Reverse Stockinette and Seed Stitch
A better view of how it's all looks
My Pagona. Not a really good shot of all it's intricate panels, but still pretty
A panel of Stockinette next to a panel of Reverse Stockinette
Boneyard. My first shawl. I adore it
Closeup of the details and you can see a little bit of the
heathering in the yarn.

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