Monday, December 5, 2011

Every Project Needs a Good Bag

The title says it all folks! This post will be dedicated to my lovely project bags. All of these have been given to me by amazing and lovely people that I've met through Ravelry. Project bags are PERFECT for knitting on the go. I prefer the box bags since they travel well, and I like the structure. I'll eventually end up getting some drawstring bags, but for now, I'm happy with box bags.

Without further ado, my project bags!!

This is my Pink Hooter bag! I adore this one

My latest procurement! This is my celestial box bag

Doctor Who project bag!!! I squealed every time I saw this for
the first week I had it.

My Lime Green Paisley box bag. This was my first and as
you can tell, certainly not my last project bag!

My first sock sized project bag made out of a gorgeous purple/brown
batik fabric

Sweater sized box bag! Self explanatory. It has little snowmen
on it. How festive!

I can't wait to get more project bags in the future. They keep my projects neat and contained, and they just look so spiff! Who knows, maybe showing some of you guys these bags will inspire you to go and collect some as well for your fiber arts! They work awesome for crochet, they have drop spindle sizes and so many more options! Look around, I promise you won't regret it!

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