Thursday, September 22, 2011

Sew.......What's Up?

Okay, I know I said I'd try to get better at keeping up with the blog, and I was........until I found Ravelry. Oh Ravelry, you have stolen my heart! Think of it as Facebook for knitters/crocheters/spinners. It's amazing. So many projects! In fact, the reason I haven't been keeping up with the blog is because I can't seem to get away from Ravelry long enough to write up a post! But, I will try really, really hard. I promise. <_<;; No seriously.

Okay, so since updates kinda fell by the wayside, I'll fill you in on some of the things I've been doing lately!

First up are the first pieces of clothing I've ever made! Okay, yes they're for historical re-enactment, but they're still garments!

I really like this one. I happened to get really freaking lucky with the mix of fabrics I had, and I just so happened to have the perfect color yarn to weave the trim and sash with! It couldn't have turned out better!

Now this one is sooo comfortable. It's a really light-weight fabric and the facing for the neck is fleece. I LOOVE it! I can't wait to wear it more often! The sash was a bit of an experiment. I made it out of Patons Silk Bamboo yarn. It's really soft, but it has the tendency to shed a bit. It's nothing too extreme. Just something I've noticed.

Okay, I'm really excited about this bag. It's made out of leftover fabric from the first tunic, and is perfect for knitting projects or anything else I need to put in there! It has gotten a lot of use already, and I foresee it getting a lot more in the future.

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