Wednesday, August 3, 2011

This Week In Craft Land

My new workspace! I'm in love
Alrighty, time to show you inquisitive people what's been going on this week! There's quite a few projects that were warped (and finally finished), some great buys to help me later down the road, and some other projects as well! Well, what are you waiting for, come check it out!

Alright, first up, is a sash I wove with silk bamboo. I love how this piece turned out, and this is one I think I'm putting up in my Etsy store. Not sure though. Colors are Black/Burgundy/White. One of my favorite patterns to be sure.

Yeah, I definitely like this sash. The tassels on it are the longest I've done to date, and they're so cool. I will definitely have to make more like this. Although, I'll do different colors to keep it fun and fresh.  ^_^

Next, time for something I've never made before, and as such, makes me extremely proud that I could. I made a bag! And it's one that I sewed together all by myself! Hehe

Speaking of Sewing; I'm making a tunic with the help of Mistress Sine. It's going to be the same fabric as the bag above (in fact the bag is made from the scraps left over from the tunic) and some trim I've made! So, there's the trim I made to go around the collar and (if I calculated take-up correctly) the cuffs of the tunic. 

You can't really see the pattern 100% clearly, but I still really like it. I can't wait until it's on the tunic and ready to be shown off!

Now for something I've wanted for months. Like, around the time I joined the SCA. A ball winder. These little contraptions are amazing, and this makes some projects sooo much easier! Having a huge skein of yarn that I want to do something with is great, but when I need to seperate it out into smaller balls for other projects, things got annoying. This way, I can always have the amount of yarn I need, when I need it! Mwahaha! +_+

Oh, did I mention that I'm spinning? No? Well I am. And it's awesome. I recently recieved some wool/mohair that can be spun, and I'm thuroughly enjoying it. I love the colors, even though Etienne doesn't. hehe. It's a seafoam/peach mix, and I think it's going to make great yarn. Even better, now that I have a ball winder, I can put it into a center pull skein when I'm done spinning it! How awesome is that!?

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