Monday, June 20, 2011

Fire, Pointy Things and War

Drums of War has come and passed, and what an event it was! From competitions to classes to the fighting, there was something for everyone! I chose to partake in a few things that I've been wanting to do for a while, and was rewarded with a great time, and (hopefully) new paths to venture forward into!

Where to start? I guess I should start with Saturday morning when I got to play with fire (hehe). I finally got to learn how to make lampwork beads! Oh, how much fun it is! Now, having watched a few youtube videos and doing some reading, I had the basic theory of what to do, but what I didn't have was the experience. The first part of class consisted of those taking the class watching our instructor, Chavah Miriam, make a bead after giving us the basic safety rules and some history. After that, it was time to sit down and have some fun. Admittedly, I spent a good two-three minutes just sitting there twirling the mandril and glass rods without the fire on to get the movements at least feeling somewhat comfortable, and then it was time to don my goggles (safety first kiddos) and get creative!

These are the pretties I was able to create! I loved every second of making them. So much in fact that I didn't realize an hour had past after bead #5 was done! Wow how fast time can fly when you're having a blast. All in all, I'm extremely happy with what I was able to come up with for my first time. I do have to say that I am a little dissapointed with the one that completely cracked (far left). I was really excited about how I was able to texture it. I think I made it too thin for the texture. Oh well, that all comes with experience, and I'm sure I'll have an opportunity to make some more in the future. My favorite one (and this seems to be unanimous with everyone who saw them) is the white and green bead. It's sooooo pretty!

Now, I am a little sad to say that I missed the fighter fashion show due to me playing with glass and fire, but even over the sound of the torches and the occasional glass rod shattering (thank heavens for the safety glasses. remember kids, safety is important) I could still hear the hollering and laughing. It sounded like a blast and I'm glad everyone seemed to have fun. 

I have to say, what I attempted next was something I was a little nervous about. Being a little clumsy and sometimes (read as often) prone to hurting myself, I couldn't help but think twice about going up to the thrown weapons range, but boy am I glad I did. Johannes of Middlegate and Lady Eleanor of Grey helped teach me how to throw axes and in general, be awesome (hehe). For my first time throwing sharp things, I think I did pretty darn well. Since I've been looking for some sort of martial activity to help me experience a different part of the SCA and meet new people, I will definitely be looking into this more in the future. 

Oh, did I mention the torrential downpour that decided to grace us with its presence? I didn't? Silly me. By the way, it happened. Fast. There I am, just sitting under one of the pavilion things, minding my own business and getting my weave on, then 10-15 minutes later, BAM! It was rain-a-palooza out there! Tents were ripped, people were soaked, and in the end, it brought people who hadn't met before together and gave us all an opportunity to get to meet those we wouldn't normally be around due to different interests. 

Now, unfortunately I wasn't able to attend the Dancing Under the Stars that night due to migraine, but I have it on great authority that it went amazingly well. I have to say that Lady Caitlin MacDonoughue did an amazing job with this event, and even after that downpour she still managed to look flawless as usual. Whatever deal she made to always look like that, I need to find out so I can do the same thing. hehe

As always,
Bless Your Face


  1. I'm glad you had fun in general, but am especially glad you had fun with the lampworking. We'll definitely need to find time to play with fire again soon! I enjoyed teaching again (it's been years) so I'm thinking about doing it again at another event in the not too distant future.

  2. Heck yes! That would be so awesome! If you do decide to teach it again, let me know! I would sure love to give it another go. :D